Turf Layering

The Turf Layering focuses on all aspects of turf installation, including removal of old grass, soil rotary hoeing and the adding of new turf.
PROlawn landscape and gardening services

Turf Layering

We can get involved from the beginning of the turf laying process and carry out the whole turf laying scheme or simply jump in and finish up the program where required.

Afterwards, we will advise you on watering, fertilising, mowing and general maintenance to ensure that your lawn looks green and healthy all year round.

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PROlawn landscape and gardening services

Turf Layering

Before choosing the turf grass you are going to lay, it is best to gather as much information about the site it’s being laid including aspect and soil depth. The best advice can be sought, not from a landscaper but from a green-keeper.

In my experience, most landscapers specialise in construction or plants, some have extended knowledge with both; but I have yet to come across a landscaper with an extensive knowledge for turf grass.

Most landscapers will advise laying buffalo as it’s been the best marketed turf grass for the past 20 years and their limited knowledge denies them of its major disadvantages and, therefore, don’t know better.

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