The Premium Lawn Care Program

The Premium Lawn Care Program is a lawn care package designed to help homeowners build a healthier, stronger and greener lawn. It includes six (6) visits per year to keep on top of weeds, pests and diseases; and the fertilising of your lawn using the correct fertilisers and rates depending on the time of year.

The chemicals and fertilisers used are high quality and used by green-keepers on bowling greens, turf wickets, golf courses and sporting venues throughout Australia.

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Weed control

We will be using pre-emergent herbicides to stay on top of the weeds. Basically, they kill weed seeds before they germinate, breaking into the life-cycle of the plant and will remain active in the soil for six to twelve months. It will be EXTREMELY important that you water this chemical into the soil so that it activates.

Spot spraying with various chemicals throughout the year may also be required but will be used at a minimum and only as required.

Pest control

Army Worm and the larvae of Black Beetle are ever-present but, in plague numbers, can devastate a lawn in days.

We use two insecticides called ‘Acelepryn’ and ‘Tempo Xtra’ to help prevent these and other pests from harming your lawn. Again, it is used as a ‘preventative’ measure rather than a reactive one. They will remain active in the soil for, up to, six months.

Both chemicals have a low toxicity reaction to bees, birds and aquatic life and an extremely low toxicity reaction to mammals making it the most preferred insecticide for a residential lawn.


Depending on the time of year, a blend of different fertilisers and trace elements will be applied to your lawn to encourage growth and strengthen the sward.

Organic fertilisers are also applied a couple of times over the spring and summer to add essential nutrients to the soil that will be taken up by your lawns’ root system.

Some of the fertilisers may need to be watered in and we’ll notify you, beforehand, if necessary.

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The Premium Lawn Care Program

This package covers a comprehensive weed eradication program as well as insect attack prevention. The bi-monthly calls add up to 6 visits a year concentrating on soil structure and health.

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The Spring Program

It is a comprehensive and unique package that covers all facets of a lawn rejuvenation, including de-thatching, aeration, fertilising and top-dressing. This is a date-sensitive program which is only carried out during a particular time of the year.

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The Autumn Program

Our Autumn Program is a comprehensive package which covers every facet of lawn renovation undertaken in the autumn to take advantage of the colder, winter season ahead.

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The School Program

The School Program was introduced to help reclaim areas which have been affected by compaction through vehicular or pedestrian traffic.

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The Lawn Mowing Program

Our Lawn Mowing Program is a package that covers every facet of lawn mowing undertaken throughout the year.

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Turf laying

We can get involved from the beginning of the turf laying process and carry out the whole turf laying scheme or simply jump in and finish up the program where required.

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Irrigation Installation

Whether you want an irrigation system run by a simple, battery-operated computer or a top-of-the-range automated one, our qualified crew can advise, install and maintain your irrigation installation with little fuss.

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Spray-on Grass

ProLawn uses a hydroseeder to disperse seed from a tank, through a hose and out of a nozzle. We offer a wide range of grass seed to choose from and the germination rate is extremely high.

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The program

The ‘Premium Lawn Care’ Program is designed to promote a strong, green and healthy lawn. This is achieved by concentrating on the use of more organic products and reducing the use of chemicals.

The key factor in attaining a strong and healthy lawn is regular and correct mowing habits. Any program incorporating the above elements is rendered useless if proper mowing habits are not undertaken.

The program can start at any time of the year and will continue for six (6) visits. (A guideline is shown below.) It is a recurring program and subscriptions are due on an annual basis.

As herbicides are being used throughout the year, if your lawn has weeds, you can expect discolouration in the lawn of some description. Please read the information in the table below for a better idea.

Seasonal visits will take place in-



A fungicide is applied to help prevent ‘Brown Patch’ from attacking your lawn.

Two fertilisers are applied this visit- a granular fertiliser containing organic material which will feed your soil with important nutrients and a liquid fertiliser containing a high potassium ratio to help guard your lawn against disease over the summer months.

A pesticide will also be used to kill grubs, including Army Worm. As it has a residual effect for 6 months, it will be already activated in the soil when Army Worm arrives in March/ April.



We’ll be using a nitrogen-based, liquid fertiliser this round to help green the lawn for the coming winter. Furthermore, a second dose of pre-emergent herbi- cide at ½ rate will help prevent Winter Grass from germinating over the colder months.



Targeting Winter Grass, Moss, Sedge and broad-leafed weeds. After treating the lawn for moss, the moss will turn a whitish yellowy colour. It will be left in the lawn until Spring to ensure total eradication. Further applications may be necessary to ensure a total kill. Winter Grass will yellow off before dying. Sedge will go brown. Broad-leafed weeds have germinated and will either be
spot-sprayed or blanket-sprayed to eradicate them.

Spot-spraying for Winter Grass, Sedge and Veldt. An application of pre-emer- gent herbicide is also used.



Targeting all broad-leafed weeds including Bindii, Clover and Oxalis as well as Onion Weed. A granular, nitrogen-based fertiliser will also be applied to generate quick, green growth as the warmer weather kicks in.

Please note: Spearhead, which we use to kill broad-leafed weeds can have an effect on buffalo, turning it a mottled yellow colour. It has a stronger effect on the old, common buffalo lawns. This will go away after a few weeks. Unlike many of the chemicals used, the chemical used for killing Onion Weed in Buffalo grass can take up to 4-6 weeks to take effect. The Onion Weed will turn white.



Targeting Carpet Grass, Crab Grass and broad-leafed weeds. It must be noted that, in some lawns, Carpet Grass can cover large areas and that large brown patches caused by necrosis can be expected after spraying.

If you wish to proceed with the ‘Total Lawn Care Program’, then please email us at

to confirm;

If you have any further questions regarding the program, then please call us on 1300 PROLAWN.

Once we have received your confirmation, you will be placed in the program. At this stage, you are still under no obligation to proceed. We will organise the run and call you to set a commencement date. It is always preferable to meet with clients but understand that most people have heavy schedules and work commitments and an initial meeting isn’t always possible. On arrival, we will assess your lawn, determine its requirements and apply the necessary products. We will then leave you with a written report on the type/s of grass/es you have and the weeds/ pests you have. It is after the completion of the first visit that you are committed to the program- an invoice will be emailed to you and will include the first visit.

This is not a ‘ONE TREATMENT-KILLS ALL’ program. This is a program, and is similar to taking a course of antibiotics that your doctor will prescribe. Different weeds emerge at different times of the year and are targeted, as such. The program starts in August and results should be noticed by the end of February.

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