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ProLawn Greenkeeping Services was founded by lawn care expert Michael Carter. Michael Carter has over 45+ years’ of experience in the horticultural, landscaping, and turf management industry.

ProLawn Greenkeeping provides top-tier gardening services all around the Sydney area. Specialising in turf laying, general lawn care, lawn restorations, irrigation installations, shrub spraying, and hydroseeding. ProLawn Greenkeeping also provides numerous programs throughout the year which are tailored depending on current weather and climate. These programs, such as the spring program allow you to take advantage of early spring growth and ensure a healthy lawn all year round.

Our young, enthusiastic staff are filled with energy, passion and commitment to delivering high quality results. They’re guided by the old guys in the team (with age comes experience…) Together, their attention to detail and eagerness to please, ensure a positive experience for all of our clients


Our Mission.

It is our mission to always strive for the best. We strive to help our clients in every possible way to overcome their problems in order to fulfill their needs. Furthermore, we never compromise on quality of service or quality of product to get the job done.


Our Services

Get the best services for your garden

The Premium Lawn Care Program

This package covers a comprehensive weed eradication program as well as insect attack prevention. The bi-monthly calls add up to 6 visits a year concentrating on soil structure and health.

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The Spring Program

It is a comprehensive and unique package that covers all facets of a lawn rejuvenation, including de-thatching, aeration, fertilising and top-dressing. This is a date-sensitive program which is only carried out during a particular time of the year.

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The Autumn Program

Our Autumn Program is a comprehensive package which covers every facet of lawn renovation undertaken in the autumn to take advantage of the colder, winter season ahead.

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The School Program

The School Program was introduced to help reclaim areas which have been affected by compaction through vehicular or pedestrian traffic.

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The Lawn Mowing Program

Our Lawn Mowing Program is a package that covers every facet of lawn mowing undertaken throughout the year.

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Turf laying

We can get involved from the beginning of the turf laying process and carry out the whole turf laying scheme or simply jump in and finish up the program where required.

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Irrigation Installation

Whether you want an irrigation system run by a simple, battery-operated computer or a top-of-the-range automated one, our qualified crew can advise, install and maintain your irrigation installation with little fuss.

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Spray-on Grass

ProLawn uses a hydroseeder to disperse seed from a tank, through a hose and out of a nozzle. We offer a wide range of grass seed to choose from and the germination rate is extremely high.

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If you would like to speak with us directly, don’t hesitate to contact us as we are always available for a friendly chat

Our Purpose.

Our approach is practical and based on experience. We have been caring for lawns across Sydney for over 45+ years.

Even though we are based in Sydney, Australia, we are happy to help people with their lawn problems by offering free advice over the phone or internet.


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