The Weed and Feed Program In Detail

Target unwanted weeds, grasses and pests all year round

The Year Round Program is a lawn care package designed to build a healthier, stronger and greener lawn. It includes a seasonal visit (4 times per year) to keep on top of weeds, pests and diseases. Besides this, it aims at fertilising your lawn using the correct fertilisers and rates depending on the time of year.

As it aims at eradicate most unwanted weeds and grasses in your lawn, it is a program which targets these unwanted weeds and grasses on a seasonal basis (aiming to remove these at their peak growing periods and destroy their seeds while in their dormant stage). In short, it’s a program which systematically removes most weeds and unwanted grasses, leaving you with a base lawn- preferably couch, Blue Couch or buffalo.

The chemicals and fertilisers used are high quality and used by green-keepers on bowling greens, turf wickets, golf courses and sporting venues throughout Australia.

As herbicides are being used throughout the year, if your lawn has weeds, you can expect discolouration in the lawn of some description. Please read the information in the table below for a better idea.

Weed control

We will be using a pre-emergent herbicide to stay on top of the weeds. Basically, it kills weed seeds before they germinate, breaking into the life-cycle of the plant and will remain active in the soil for, up to, six months. For more information on how to eradicate weeds, please check out our blog post on How to Combat Weeds.

Spot spraying with various chemicals throughout the year may also be required but will be used at a minimum and only as required.

Pest control

Army Worm and the larvae of Black Beetle are ever- present but, in plague numbers, can devastate a lawn in days. We use an insecticide called ‘Acelepryn’ to help prevent these and other pests from harming your lawn. Again, it is used as a ‘preventative’ measure rather than a reactive one. It, too, remains active in the soil for, up to, six months.

Acelepryn has a low toxicity reaction to bees, birds and aquatic life and an extremely low toxicity reaction to mammals making it the most preferred insecticide for a residential lawn. For more information on how to eradicate pests, please check out our How to Combat Pests guide.


This process takes place throughout the year but varies in content season by season. Depending on the time of year, N:P:K (Nitrogen: Phosphorus: Potassium) ratios vary. Added to this, other elements like Iron and Magnesium are required to help your lawn stay healthy.

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