Spring Program

The Spring Program service lets you take advantage of current early spring growth to get ‘on top’ of your lawn for easier maintenance throughout the year. It is is a comprehensive and unique package that covers all facets of a lawn rejuvenation, including de-thatching, aeration, fertilising and top-dressing with a nutrient-packed medium. This is a date-sensitive program which is only carried out during a particular time of the year and has become very popular over the years.

Our aim is to either rejuvenate an old lawn and to help it re-establish itself or invigorate a newer, healthier lawn to keep it looking in prime condition. In either case, your lawn should show a marked improvement within six weeks of the programs’ completion.

The procedures undertaken to achieve the results we look for are divided into three stages: lawn consultation, followed by spraying, eradicating and fertilising and finished by scarifying, aerating and fertilising. For more detailed information about this program and its three stages, have a look on our blog.

This service includes:
  • Lawn Rejuvenation
  • De-Thatching
  • Aeration
  • Fertilising
  • Top-Dressing


Payment is due at the completion of the program. We will leave an account in the letterbox or under the door and payment can be made by Bank Transfer over the internet, cheque or cash. As the cost of the materials, the hiring of equipment and labour runs into thousands of dollars each week, we ask that you make payment as soon as possible. Full payment is due within 8 days of the invoice date. After this date, any discounts given will have to be negated and the full total will become due.

The above are our Terms and Conditions. Once given the quotation and you wish to proceed, please confirm your order by email or in writing. By proceeding with the quotation, it is understood that you have read the above Terms and Conditions, you understand them and you accept them.

Depending on the contractor, a new lawn can cost between $25.00 & $65.00/ metre² to lay. Our service is 75 – 85% cheaper than laying grass and offers excellent results.


Please note
  • this is a date-sensitive program. Please check your flyer for the date specified or else email or call us. If you contact us after the closing date, there is a good chance we won’t be able to accommodate you;
  • if you’re looking for a quick-fix (in other words- you’re selling your house in the coming months, then this program is not advisable. You may need to re-turf the area.
Thank you for signing up!