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  • Spring Program

    The Spring Program service lets you take advantage of current early spring growth to get ‘on top’ of your lawn for easier maintenance throughout..

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  • Year-Round Program

    The Year-Round Program can commence at any time of the year and continues throughout the year. During the course of the program..

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  • Lawn Mowing Service

    Our lawn mowing service offers more than just a cut. We take complete care of your lawn, including mowing, edging, fertilising, weed prevention..

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  • Turf Laying Service

    The Turf Laying Program focuses on all aspects of turf installation, including removal of old grass, soil rotary hoeing..

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  • Lawn Restoration

    The Lawn Restoration Program is aimed at reclaiming a lawn in a bare area to make sure it restores. In most cases, areas targeted..

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  • Shrub-Spraying Service

    The Shrub-Spraying Program is an all-inclusive program where we apply chemicals to exterminate pests in your shrubs and hedges..

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  • School Program

    The School Program was introduced to help reclaim areas which have been affected by compaction through vehicular or pedestrian traffic..

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  • Irrigation Installation

    We offer a full package irrigation installation service that aims at giving you lawn that green and healthy look, even when the..

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