Why use ProLawn ?
Customers naturally like to deal with secure companies who strive to provide excellent service. When a Prolawn operator arrives in uniform and on time, does an excellent job and charges a fair and reasonable price, customers know they are dealing with a true professional and will continue to use the service time after time. Prolawn comes to you at home, office or work, at a time that suits you. From a simple Pro Cut Mow and Edge to a full garden makeover covering everything, including weeding.
How often should I get my lawn mowed?
Simply put, as often as possible! The more often a lawn is mowed, the less thatch build-up it will have and the better it will look. For a professional presentation, weekly or fortnightly cuts in summer and 3-4 weekly in winter keeps your lawn in order. This all depends of course, on how much water and fertilizer it is receiving and where you live. Cooler times are a great time to take care of other lawn and garden maintenance projects.
What sort of properties do you look after?
ProLawn provides many services to cater for all types of homes, businesses and commercial properties. We offer a full range of services for home renters, owners, businesses, real estate agents and property managers to provide a reliable and high quality garden maintenance service.
Do you offer gardening and weeding services?
Yes, we can provide expert gardening services including garden bed maintenance, planting, trimming, hedging and mulching and garden makeovers and clean ups.
Why do we need mulch on the garden soil?
The benefits of mulch covering the garden soil are numerous, including the reduction of moisture evaporation; improving the structure and content of the soil by increased decomposition and encouraged growth of living organisms and retardation of weed growth. Remember mulch should cover up to 6 cm in depth over the soil. Ideas for mulch include dead leaves, wood chips, grass cuttings combined with decayed compost or manure.
What is included in a garden service?
We offer our customers two great garden care options, an Express Service and a Premium Service. To understand more about what is included in these services click on the 'Gardening Services' link in the header, then navigate to 'Whats Included' from the side menu bar. From here you can click on our service options and read more about what each service has to offer