Spring Care For You Lawn

Spring Care Lawn Renovation

Step by step guide to renovate your lawn during Spring

Getting your lawn ready for Summer

Our Spring Program is a comprehensive package which covers every facet of lawn renovation undertaken in the spring to take advantage of the season ahead. Our aim is to either rejuvenate an old lawn and to help it re-establish itself or invigorate a newer, healthier lawn to keep it looking in prime condition. In either case, your lawn should show a marked improvement within six weeks of the programs’ completion.

The procedures undertaken to achieve the results we look for are divided into three stages.

   Stage 1: Lawn consultation
   Stage 2: Spraying, eradicating and fertilising
   Stage 3: scarifying, aerating and fertilising

STAGE 1: Spring Program Lawn Renovation consultation

We come out and assess your lawn. After identifying the weeds and problem areas, we discuss your needs and desires for your lawn. We will then provide you a FREE, no obligation quote.

STAGE 2: Spraying, eradicating and fertilising

We thoroughly spray your lawn, eradicating as many broad-leafed weeds as possible, thus reducing your lawns’ competition. Some of the broad-leafed weeds we control that people have most problems with are:

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