How To Combat Weeds

Complete guide to combat weeds

Weeds are wind-borne; brought in by pets and people; introduced by the lawnmower man; dispersed in bird-droppings; etc. They are an ongoing enemy in one’s garden that marches on and on in an endless invasion. The good news is, in all cases, weeds can be kept under control. The bad is- they’ll keep on coming back. Fortunately, we have places of relaxation called golf courses, bowling greens, cricket pitches, tennis courts and football grounds- all of which want to give you the best playing surface and, all of which, need to spend big money to remove and control weeds and give you those great playing surfaces. That means that there are chemical companies out there that spend a lot of money in time and research to bring us chemicals that will help kill those weeds. No matter what the weed, there is a chemical that will kill it.        

The best chemicals to kill weeds

Which brings us to the next problem: what chemical to use that will kill the weeds WITHOUT killing your plant? Well, in many cases, the chemical companies have found solutions that will help us in the garden, mainly brought about by the demand from the above sporting venues. However, if the weed isn’t a concern on the golf course, then the chemical company hasn’t the demand to research that weed that you may have in your garden. Are you getting me, now? With demand comes supply. You, therefore, may have a weed or weeds in your garden that won’t have a chemical to kill it without killing other plants or, in this case, your lawn.

If you read on, you’ll come across a lot of weeds found in lawns around Sydney. Many of them are common, world-wide, but these are the weeds that you can expect to find in Sydney and its environs.

Different types of weeds

On your right, you’ll find a photo of the weed. On the left, you’ll find the plant name, its common name and botanical name, a brief description and whether or not it can be controlled without killing other plants.

This site was built to help the ‘home gardener’- not the horticulturalist. We’ve tried to keep the site as basic and as simple to understand as possible, catering for the lowest common denominator (for want of a better phrase). Feedback is important to the development of this website. If a photograph is unclear or you think there isn’t enough detail in the shot to properly identify any of the weeds, then please let us know by emailing us.


Common names- Algae
Botanical name- N/A
Identifying features- Various- can be- slimy; black; dark green; moss-like; spongy texture (any of these)
Commonly confused with- Nil
Ease of control- Algacide

Basket Grass

Common names- Basket Grass
Botanical name- Oplismenus imbecillis/aemulus
Identifying features- Sprawling habit. Wavy leaves
Commonly confused with- Tahitian Bridal Veil
Ease of control- Very difficult. However, we have a blend of chemicals that work.

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